Pre-Medicine Camp

Fuel your passion for the medical sciences!

Recognizing God as the source of life, Pre-Medicine Camp instructors provide scientific training with a scriptural foundation.

Daily activities include experience in PCC laboratories where you can safely study germs and bacteria under a microscope, learning how some of the tiniest creatures affect our lives. You’ll also study anatomy and physiology by dissecting animals under the direction of knowledgeable instructors.

And, this introduction to college-level studies can help you better understand whether a medical career is right for you.

Registration is open to campers from 14 to 18 years old who have just completed or are entering into grades 9–12.


July 1–5


the intricate design of God’s creation as you learn about germs, bacteria, and other scientific concepts.


the wonders of science as you study animal body systems through dissection labs.


detailed lessons from knowledgeable scientists dedicated to discovering truth.

Pre-Medicine Camp
Pre-Medicine Camp
Pre-Medicine Camp
Pre-Medicine Camp

What to Expect

Insight from expert scientists
Exposure to basic scientific research techniques
Practice with lab equipment
Engaging instruction with an emphasis on Christian values
Career guidance
Daily Bible challenges
And more!

And however you spend your free time, you’ll be spending it with newfound friends. From climbing the rock wall to cooling off at the ice-skating rink or testing your skills on the FlowRider—it’s all waiting for you. Check out a full list of activities.

Your Pre-Medicine Camp Instructors

Science instructors from Pensacola Christian College with years of experience work alongside you all week. They share personal insight and research strategies in a variety of settings.