Camp Staff

Leadership Team

Taylor Allen

Taylor Allen

Program Director

Before becoming Program Director, Taylor Allen worked as the YOM Summer Camps Game Coordinator/Skit Coordinator, giving him a great background for bringing out the fun aspect that campers enjoy. He’s been a part of the camp staff since 2017 and works closely with the college student staff, leading and mentoring them as they influence campers for Christ.

Taylor’s heart for camp is to help create an atmosphere conducive to spiritual growth and to challenge campers to take their next step spiritually.

Mike Davis

Dr. Mike Davis

YOM Camp Administrator

Dr. Mike Davis has experienced camp life as a camper, parent, and grandparent. Before joining the YOM Summer Camps team, he served for 18 years as an associate, youth, music, and senior pastor, and currently teaches Bible classes and is the Dean of Graduate Students at PCC. After 13 years of working with campers, Dr. Davis became Camp Administrator in 2021.

Dr. Davis provides vital support for the rest of the leadership team, allowing for a fun, safe, quality environment. Every year, he hopes that campers can experience new things at camp while deepening their walk with God.

Mark Ward

Mark Ward

Assistant YOM Camp Administrator

Mark Ward began working with YOM Camps in 2019 and quickly took on the leadership role of Assistant Camp Administrator in 2023. Before joining the camp team, Mark served as a senior pastor in Indiana, where he also oversaw the church’s overnight summer camp program for several years. Currently, Mark is a student-favorite Bible faculty member teaching Bible content and biblical counseling classes.

Mark’s goal for campers is that they would come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and that they would take the next step in their walk with Him through spiritual growth.

Camp Directors

Each NEXT Summer Camp is headed up by a PCC staff or faculty member. These dedicated and caring individuals bring decades of combined experience in their respective fields to camp, and will make sure this summer is one you never forget!

College Student Staff

College student staff

The NEXT Summer Camps staff also includes a dedicated group of Pensacola Christian College students. They work together to serve and inspire you. And they have one goal—to make this your best summer ever.

From the opening of camp on Monday to the closing events, the staff will be available to mentor, guide, and encourage you.

They’ll lead you in competitions and games and help you grow in your faith through nightly cabin devotions.

“My most memorable experience was leading someone to the Lord for the first time. That same week, I was able to lead three more girls to the Lord. There was nothing like seeing the instant change and hope in their faces once making that decision.”


Our Mission

To encourage spiritual growth through biblical preaching and instruction while providing academic training through thrilling courses and activities.

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